AFTER WORDS, Poetry by Kelly McCrillis

Genre: Rhyme, Relationship

by Kelly McCrillis

‘Don’t look at my hair,’
She growls like a bear,
Covering her head in the bed.
‘Forgive if I stare,’
I stiffly declare,
‘But what has inspired this dread?’

‘It isn’t fair.
It used to be beautiful –
What’s been done to my hair
Is far less than dutiful.
Leave me to rest,
To think of the best
Procedure to make myself
Dressed to impress.
When I am done,
You can see my refrain,
Less like a monster
Of which you’d disdain.’

(I pace in a square
And try to beware
Since I know she is being
A little unfair…)

‘How easy you scare,
For what would I care
If your curls walked up
Like a Escherian stair
Or your vines took on
A barbarian flair?
Please spare me your worries
Or hurries to wear
The blankets as if
We were in an affair.’

(And still she persists…)

‘I’m ugly you know,
No longer arranged
I feel as though I have been poorly exchanged
For someone who’s no longer assembled to suit –
Or anything resembling
Pretty or cute.’

‘Please go away,
And lock the door,’
Her mane hidden away
She waifishly roars,
‘I’ll never lay with you as I did before
Besides after this I will probably snore
You’ll disdain me right now
And forever more
When talking to me
Becomes quite a chore
It will bore out your brains
Until they are sore
Any mere picture of me
You used to adore
Will crack as it cackles
Looking up from the floor
I know in my core
You’ll abhor and ignore
Every love you did pour
Won’t exist anymore!
She crumples like socks squished inside of a drawer.’

Through me it tore,
The duty, the truth, for sooth I implore!)

‘Oh beautiful miss,
Uncover your face
Forget all your worries
And know I would race
To the side of the moon
In a rocket balloon
Right into the pocket of a wailing monsoon
Filled with a flock of fighter raccoons
Teamed up with an angry platoon of baboons
Laced with a million deadly harpoons
Just to catch a trace,
A glimpse of the grace
Of that which you

‘Oh, I would chase you down miss,
If only to show
All the truth we can bearWith your beautiful self,
Your unbidden sex hair.’

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