They say Children Adapt, Poetry by Dianne Mead

Genre: Drama, Political, Society

They say Children Adapt
Author and copyright 2015 Dianne Mead

Dedicated to my son Sam
and the thousands of other children and parents victims of financial negligence and white collar crime

My son has grown
His tears now flow
To be expected
He’s in the know

Single mother robbed
Identity lost, dignity stolen
Raising child, God sent only grace
As we contemplate the downfall of the so called humane race

Financial negligence by so called experts
I’m advised, is not accountable for pain
Brought down to economics
But of course, companies gain

Clients raped of savings
Swindled super
Other life payments
Another man’s gambling

Transparency non existent
Deception evident
If one should prove false intent
Policy void and insignificant

One and a half million
And ten years to deliver truth
Meanwhile corporations at fault joyously ride the legal loops
Directors declare bankruptcy, CEO Enforceable Undertakings give

Companies merge and continue to grow
Benefit from another’s loss, into companies enabled to sew
Bankrupt directors become consultants
Whilst failures and negligence remain unknown

No funds for a retainer
Qpilch declined to send
Community legal aid centres
No specialist knowledge, lest time to comprehend

It becomes a federal matter
With no financial assistance or legal aid
Yet criminal matters spill from courts
Represented all the same

Solicitors warn too costly to pursue
Mediation preferred, what else can people do?
No money, no justice evident
Court, the rich mans poker tournament

Corporations abuse the law
Stitch up citizens in silence clause
Extent of damage not compensated
Harrowing negligence under-estimated…

Law does zilch to ease the suffering
Financial regulators perpetually blundering
Not there for public, set up for company
Though consequences like dominos keep falling

10 years on
Home and business gone
Two years to relocate
Deprivation, financial stress, reason enough to medicate

Challenges during life
They say children adapt
While lawyers encourage spouses
Via court to entrap

Our kids they are struggling
Society ignorant to their souls
Wrongly understanding
Pegging kids in moulds

He’s grown mature through ravages lived
Out of touch with basic kids
Child of a single parent scorned
Witness to a life forlorn

Strengthened by morbid independence
Ironic yet macabre our truth
True Aussies wouldn’t let it happen
Astonished, disclaim… “Struth!”

Tortured is a mother’s heart
Pressure of being silenced for sake of finality, a trial depart
Deep pocketed defendants
Fear in lawyers, cost of protraction doth spark

Less than three percent make the court
Abhorrent is humanities descent
Inequality wrought, every dollar by poor men spent
Continual battles fought

Challenges during life
They say children adapt

While kids of bankrupt directors
In Private Schools remain
Live in homes owned by their mothers
Assets moved, security loss abstained

So back to our children
The ones impoverished and in pain
Deprivation unacknowledged
Their silent witness evermore remains

Challenges during life
They say children adapt
Yet lawyers encourage clients
To court like mice to cat

Practical issues raising child, once independent woman assured
Now in society no longer secure
Child grows up watching what he’s learned
Deficiency and loss of hope, too many trials endured

Fundamental needs, survival at its best
Faith in systems disappear
Ravaged through 10 long hardship years
Challenges during life, they say children adapt

Unlike bushfire devastation, motor insurance and compensation
Financial negligence, promise of professional indemnity not met
Arduous years, depression and suicide manifest
As life like death strung out and creditors chase, inevitable eventual pts symptoms berate

Centrelink has no mercy
Stress illness ignored
Public loss not its concern
Declare bankruptcy, just move on

More harm to mother and child done

From its office uninvited bureaucrats advise
Unknowing persons pushing pens
None the wiser, negligent…
Personal development needing, voicing their own beliefs
Self awareness unconsciously pleading
Injustice deemed the way of life

Compassion non existent for matters unknown
Yet all the while praying not in our shoes
Enquiring “Where do you go?”

Challenges during life
They say children adapt

Years move child’s adjustment
Uncovering heartache and loss
Fragile brain develops
Child deems belief it is their lot

Having done nothing wrong
Justice seems only right
But the system only fosters
Those with money who can fight

Back to square one
The present system sucks
Solicitors earn the money
Corporate clients pay big bucks
It isn’t any wonder, kids turn into crooks

If that’s not enough, our system encourages causes
Carry society’s dead weight, take kids from mothers and fathers
Condemn parents as second rate
Put down to class and need to educate

If only regulators did their job
Burdening the disadvantaged unnecessary to initiate
Government increase its budget, those that can would
Not upon shoulders of impoverished, western so called wealthy country stood

Holier than thou companies disregard social responsibility
Integrity not manifest
Accountability missing
Public left at risk

Let me tell you this
You can not and will not fix
What needs illumination and rectification
Judgement of ramifications under carpet festering

Challenges during life
They say children adapt
Kids of financially raped mothers
To a life of poverty rapt

Disadvantaged from the onset
Til someone makes right the wrong
Society teaching unworthiness
Kids feeling all alone…

Childhood years never to be regained
Childhood memories forever remain
Challenges during life
They say children adapt

Single parent prejudice
Add to this, financial negligence
Historic causes of mental health illness, societal segregation
In the end shall one day fall, to palpable condemnation.

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