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An Election, Poetry by Diana Benskin

Genre: Society, Political

America is in mourning
Today her tears are falling
Those votes that were casted
Seem to’ve been wasted
on the President elect
Whom many now reject

This Presidential Win on which injustice ,fear and divisiveness was erected
This is the premise on which he was elected
The diplomacy portrayed is faux
A breeding ground for discrepancies and misogyny to grow

Now is the time to stand firm and let your voices be heard
your vote is your word
That chose the Popular and rightful president
Not some unhinged and intolerable government

The crusaders cries in the street
will become louder when the numbers meet
Let the crusaders pass
For a snake has just slithered through us in the grass.

In the words of George Nathan
all the above will happen
when no votes are cast by you the good citizen

    * * * * *

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Genre: Rhyme, Society, Political, War


Same crew,
Unknown airspace.

islamick crisis state
Misplaced enveloped craze.

Publicity publishes reports,
Editorial tributes
Dry ink cups.

Suspicious presidential price,
Justice evade hidden paradise.

Expensive peace,
Planting gas on protesting waters.
Reveling of truth,
Closely intermediate to conflict.

Let’s leave together,
You doubt uncertainty,
Rockets wouldn’t kill, if
Hostages deal,
But man melts steel.

Mass grave,
Hours ago, city was lively.
Six in threes,
Execution upon a time

Coding parliamentary pledge,
Temporarily spoilt clock,
Little wire and tread,
Strap two batteries
Around her neck
Sprinkle black dust,
Bang !!!!
Improvised death.

After researching catalyst,
Reality can’t sleep.
Misplaced islamick
Member states
Track support of news.

    * * * * * *

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