Pippin, Poetry by Nichole Hansen

Genre: Children’s Poetry Rhyme

From Book: When I was a Grown-up: and other poems

Title: Pippin
Author: Nichole Hansen

Pippin, Pippin took so long,
That little Pippin sang a song.
It started as a gentle hum,
Then grew louder ’til he was done.

Pippin, Pippin was in no rush,
To see the swirling, twirling flush.
He just sang and tapped his toes,
Waiting patiently to go.

Pippin wanted to delay,
Nap time on this Saturday.
He had better things to do,
Like read a book or twenty-two.

Then Pippin’s mum said to her son,
“Two more minutes and you’re done!”
He didn’t whine or try to fight,
Just washed his hands and said, “Goodnight.”

* * * * *
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