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Pippin, Poetry by Nichole Hansen

Genre: Children’s Poetry Rhyme

From Book: When I was a Grown-up: and other poems

Title: Pippin
Author: Nichole Hansen

Pippin, Pippin took so long,
That little Pippin sang a song.
It started as a gentle hum,
Then grew louder ’til he was done.

Pippin, Pippin was in no rush,
To see the swirling, twirling flush.
He just sang and tapped his toes,
Waiting patiently to go.

Pippin wanted to delay,
Nap time on this Saturday.
He had better things to do,
Like read a book or twenty-two.

Then Pippin’s mum said to her son,
“Two more minutes and you’re done!”
He didn’t whine or try to fight,
Just washed his hands and said, “Goodnight.”

* * * * *
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Child, Poetry by Pamela Bitterman


by Pamela Bitterman

Hush now… listen.

You are enchanted like the sunrise. You are one, a precious and miraculous creation.

Your life should be love and light and caring and goodness and learning and growing and happiness and faith and knowing.

This is what you deserve, because you were born, because you are here. You hold every truth. You know all that will someday be forgotten. You were to be kept safe and sound.

But it isn’t always so.

There may be cruelty and hurt, sickness and pain, danger and darkness, hunger, loneliness, fear. But they do not speak your name. They cannot know your courage. They will never see your light. They must not touch your heart. Do not let them inside.

A parent or a relative or a friend or a teacher or a policeman or a president or a god may not be able to heal the sadness. Sometimes nothing and no one else can. And it is not fair. And it is not your fault. And it will never be okay.

But you, child, have a great wind beneath you. You will leave the cave of nightmares and monsters. Imagination will be your rocket ship. Hope will be your armor. Treasure them as you would a best friend.
A warm glow will bathe you. Tender arms will rock you. Kind eyes will guide you. A gentle hand will find yours and it will not let go.

You are strong. Feel it. Believe that you can, and you can. Know that you can, and you will.

You will change. Change what you will be in this world. And you will change this world. This is your surprise. You are the gift.

You are a shooting star, a wish upon that star, a prayer answered, a dream come true. A wild bird with a broken wing who will someday soar, a frog who will be prince, a delicate flower waiting to open, a raindrop glistening on a leaf, a flawless snowflake swirling in a flawless breeze, a brilliant flash in a stormy sky.

You are the only one of you.

You are soft color and sweet lullaby, peaceful warmth and long deep breath. You are bursting spirit, beating heart, pulse, spark, fire.

You are the power of the waves, the man on the moon, the fairy in the forest, the “poof “in the spell, the tinkle in the bell. You are supernova.

Feel your strength, your truth, your calm and your sureness. They belong to you, no one else. Nobody can crush, deny, take away or destroy them.

Trust your mighty spirit. Raise it to the heavens. Whisper its secrets. Smile its wonders.

Cherish it as you were meant to be cherished. Love it as you were meant to be loved. Know it as only you can know. Show it as only you can show. Become. Be.

Child, you are a miracle. You are a whole undiscovered universe. You are Jane, Pedro, Pierre, Mohammed, Jamar, Tanisha, Yusef, Tomas, Lars, Tao, Kumar, Ivan, Paolo, Ailani, Ichiro, Marie, Jules. Be proud.

You are pure magic.

I believe in you. Believe in you.

Things will become real because you will see them. See beauty. See peace. See love. See joy.

See your greatness.

Dream your dream. Write your story. Paint your rainbow. Close your eyes. Open your heart. Lift your chin.

Dance your dance. Sing your song.

Sing it home.

You will be heard. And you will be loved.