Artists, Poetry by Neha Sharma

Genre: Spiritual, Motivational

by Neha Sharma

They are dwelling something,
on that white sheets,
black spots with multicolored ink,
the heavy dots are of pain,
and the lighter ones
are of happiness.
They are building houses in the air,
the nest of those unknown birds,
who will never come back,
to join us in this earthly sanctuary,
they are far above,
warming under the fluffy blankets.
They are moving ahead,
to reach out to those seas,
who will read their message,
and they will pass it on,
with every coming wave,
to this wrecked soil,
to this world of trash.
They will strike at the midnight hour,
with howls and thunders,
to work as soothsayers,
to make us aware,
of the unpleasant and of the unthinkable,
the world like a plane will crash,
They know about the future,
they come from everywhere to tell,
it is the darkest secret,
one must keep in mind,
one must never forget,
the world is about to end.
They ask us to pray, to ask for mercy,
for the sins we all have committed,
for the pains we have generated,
the apocalypse is near,
we need to do something,
we need to confess, we need to confess.
Another light they have dropped,
it is purifying us all,
we are baptized now,
no need to fear,
come let us bow down to the spirits,
they have saved us,
we are truly blessed.
One promise we all need to keep,
the world needs our love, not hatred,
we need to spread it,
we need to pour fragrance upon everything,
this is the message, they still scribbling,
we need to look up there to guess !!!!!

By WILDsound Festival

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