A noble friend!, Poetry by Newton Gatambia Kibiringi

Genre: Relationship, Romance, Love

A noble friend!
by Newton Gatambia Kibiringi

I saw your love gently fall
Onto my scarred heart it called
It landed on it
Like a celestial beam of elegant light
The serene rays
Felt like a healing balm to my being
Taking away all the dump darkness
That reigned from deep within

You made me feel in the buff
In front of your glorious flare
I felt the fine comfort line
Within love’s vulnerability
For though I had vowed
Never to entrust my heart to anyone
YOU were not in that class
YOU were truly not just anyone

When your words spoke to my soul
In such sincere tranquillity
All the locks that chained my heart
Sprang wide open in triumph
The freezing apathetic feelings
Of doubt fear and regret;
Started to melt down like ice
At your pure sunshine glare of affection

Like a due flower
The heart bud sublimely opened
And finally my life blossomed
In the unique splendid allure of
Within your blissful cuddle
I was overwhelmed by love
My entire being sprang
From the cocoon like a due butterfly

My mouth couldn’t help
But openly affirm that you were the one
You were the one indeed
With whom the love route to amble
And as my avid eyes gazed in delight
I felt the soul’s resonant rhythm
The hearts were in apt tune
For so asserted your heavenly smile

And so has became life glorious moments
Ours to carefully cherish
Our hearts we’ve made a true home
For each other in all times to embrace
As the one who authored love
Forever envelopes us with his joy
His incense of forgiveness
Always hovers to salve us in the life frays

By WILDsound Festival

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