What are We Doing in Today’s World?, Poetry by Carol Kappes

Genre: Political, Society

What are We Doing in Today’s World?
by Carol Kappes

Anything on earth can be destroyed in a second! Take a look at the destruction-It can be done in two ways-
1. Destroyed by nature-Tsunami, hurricane, earthquake, tornado, hail, lightning, floods, etc.
2. Destroyed by man-Use of weapons, guns, bombs, explosions, fire, drugs, abortions, etc.
There is little we can do to stop the destruction by Mother Nature; except to teach and warn of your safety!
There is a lot we can do to stop the destruction by Man; to help make this world a better place for all of us to live!

The questions we need to ask are plenty. As leaders, we all need to take a stand for what is morally right.

Are we protecting our children, our children’s children, and future generations?
Are we stopping the violence, terrorists, traffickers, criminals, corruption, and immoral thoughts?
Are the leaders fully capable, responsible, moral, and listen to their people’s words?
Are we doing all we can to educate, inform, teach, and show responsibilities at home and in the schools?
Are we being neighborly to our people with compassion, kindness, and respect?
Are we serving the needs of our people in the family, community, society, country, and world?
Are we moving ahead with new insights to make life easier, or have we slipped off the path?
Are we sharing our interests to many others so that knowledge becomes deeper?
Are we moving forward in advances and others are being left behind?
Are we doing all we can to feed the hungry, impoverished, wounded, and sick?
Are the needs met of all people in the World with food, shelter, clothing, medicine and love?
Are we emotionally connected to the happiness in our land, city, state, and country?
Are we becoming too selfish, or self-centered that we are forgetting the future needs of others?
Are we becoming too materialistic that we only think about our own enjoyment of it, and not share with others?
Are we all seeking a spiritual side for guidance to help us make the right choice or decision?
Are we praying or meditating for peace, joy, love, wisdom, righteousness, purity, in our people?

What happens when we neglect the basics of man’s heart, soul, mind, and strength? We become weak in love, divine grace, personality, character, stamina, energy, and outlook! What then, you ask? We as a society has learned so much knowledge into the 21st century—and man is destroying what God intended to be so beautiful!

Why destruction by Mother Nature? Are they coming more frequent? Maybe it’s to get our attention and to once again become caring to one another, loving, feeling compassion, thinking about others, giving them support and strength for holding up to the circumstances beyond our imaginations. In my mind, God still exists and there are reasons for everything that happens. And he made man to be superior above the animals, so he can take care of them and all of nature and the oceans and sky around him. For on the seventh day, he was able to rest; to see that everything was good!

Carol Kappes 2011 (Written in my opinion, TO ALL NATIONS. With religion and language variances in mind.) In Dedication to RA Inspired by networking

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