Sublime…, Poetry by Javier Rodriguez

Genre: Death, Dark

by Javier Rodriguez

The remnants echoes of my existence disappear.
Feeling myself soundless in the rumble of the silence,
of the last note that it emerged from my mouth.

My unconsciousness is flooded in a rumble of notes,
of sounds in shadows vibrating in every atom of this being,
dragging me endless to the frenzy of my spirit,
prolonging me amorphous, ethereal, sublime.

Foreigner in myself, intruder in my past,
distilled in a time of memories, of my reality.
I became a phantom desecrating my body,
feeding on the dreams that I poured on Earth.

My horizon become black and white, spreading me in words,
in a mirage of verses seducing my fears.
Toasting by his shame, humming muted passions in my essence.
Now cosmic, abstract, absolute.

The meat that was mine is already dead,
mutilated by my name, by my story.
My essence is sonorous echo of a new reality,
traveling in my fifth element, in my sublime soul.

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