reflections of nothing, Poetry by Billy Bobber

Genre: Darklosophy poem

reflections of nothing
by Billy Bobber

cosmic shades of inevitable impossibilities come forth, a crescent prism pendant from the depths that can’t be, swinging tides of memories in a dead blackness, as they flow farther they become closer, like the suns rays holding earths shell that hides its deadly core of poisonus life, it awakens each other, we are reflections of nothing, born of heated expression, reflecting lighted belief and will, creations of ourselves, the only way to become in our maddening freedom, a place we call home, all our own that can never be dethroned as long as we open our true colors well never be alone, even in the winter of silence, we bleed through the past with pulsating determination, feeding off energy of existence, all in the name of twisted compassion, we will awake the nothing into something that will never be known but only to us it will be everything.

By WILDsound Festival

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