Dear stranger, Poetry by Junaid Sallies

Genre – love and hope

Dear stranger
by Junaid Sallies

Dear stranger

I have this uneasy feeling every time i think of your existence, that feeling of faded hope.

Dear stranger

I think of you and everything we could be in this world unreal to me, i close my eyes and i see an over-casted shadow of you, a beautiful silhouette over me.

I wonder what you’d look like, what you’re all about, what precious smile you’ll use to make me weak or what beautiful flaws you’ll allow me to love.

Dear stranger

I had a dream about you today, one plus one, you and i. Somewhere down that line, a future look at those beautiful eyes, the ones our future daughter might hide behind.

Dear stranger

I’ve been calling out to you for so long that even time has lost its value. Are you even out there? can you hear my call?.

Dear stranger

I thought about you again today. My eyes locked on yours as the voices around us start to fade, that infinite moment of perfection, my hands stroking your cheek as our hearts find their rhythm in beat.

Dear stranger

Time is fading and i’m losing hope, why wont you answer my call?. Are you out there, are you anywhere near?, or should i meet you halfway on that lonely road where the sun kisses the ocean as it sets, making way for the beautiful starts to light your face.

Dear stranger

I heard you were calling out to me. I heard it through the wind that blew through your hair and hands, imagining yours holding mine. That blissful moment time finally found its value.

Dear stranger

Keep your head up, you don’t have to wait much longer, i’m on my way, i’m no longer taking detours, i drew a path straight to you.

Soon we’ll meet, and put names to our blissful hearts, and you’ll no longer be a stranger. As i’ll call out your name echoed by the words “Dear beautiful world of mine”.

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