The exception to the rule?, Poetry by Writer Cornered

Genre: Romance / Love / Rhyme

The exception to the rule?
by Writer Cornered

Twitter: @writercornerd

The way he wears his hat
The way his eyes crinkle when he smiles
Gives me multiple flash-forwards of us walking up the aisle

This is meant to be a business meeting
But I seem to have lost my professional air
Allowing myself to giggle, stare suggestively and twirl my fingers through my hair

I have always been a sucker for cultured arty types
And he certainly fits the bill
A further attraction is his encyclopedic knowledge of music – ranging from Zombie to Innervisions to the miseducation of Lauryn Hill

He likes me, he likes me not…
How is a girl to know?
Should I ask him out on date, or is that taking girl power to a desperate new low

I wonder if his in-action is down to shyness
Or a past broken heart
And if he is secretly yearning for us to be together, but doesn’t know where to start

Or If his polite attentive manner
Is just down to him having good home-training?
Or if that “special smile” is just his way of client-liaising

But then I remember how he always forgets my name
Even though we’ve met many times before
This has happened so many times, I’m too embarrassed to keep score

I once read if a man likes a woman, they always act on it,
And don’t waste time playing it cool
Which probably means love is not on this agenda, and I that I am NOT the exception to the rule.

By WILDsound Festival

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