I’m not getting old, I am getting better, Poetry by Gun Roswell

“Old is always fifteen years from now”
― Bill Cosby

Genre: Age, Rhyme, Death, Inspirational

I’m not getting old, I am getting better

I am becoming a classic

Like the fine wine
For a special occasion to dine
Like the little red Corvette
You always wanted as a pet

I am
much better
more wiser
and even smarter
Than ever

Extraordinary woman
Exemplary human
Remarkable personality
Striking beauty

If you challenge me
I will compete with thee
Reach the finish line
Before you have the time
To Say
Wait for me!

Many things I have accomplished
Some of them without compliments
Many more still to come
Before I am done

What’s up next
You ask
Without being hexed
I would like the task
Ruler of the World naturally to follow
But not today,
Maybe tomorrow


By WILDsound Festival

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