My Darling.., Poetry by Buffy Sammons

Genre: love. Inspiration from my hubby..

My Darling..
by Buffy Sammons

Sometimes I wish we had wings so that we could fly..

Away so far from all of the pain and the noise that passes us by..

With you I would go anywhere in the whole world where we could..

Lay together on a beach with the sun rays bathing our souls and would..

Be the best time ever and with you by my side..

My heart would be full and my eyes open so wide..

As we fly here and there I would have no fear..

Because I would be holding the hand of my soulmate, my dear..

I sometimes just look into your eyes and think that I could melt

Because until there was you I didn’t think it was possible to have felt.

True love and the magic of someone you care more about than you do yourself most of the time and can be…

The person that can cause you happiness and pain all at once but also is the one who holds you close so that

you can see..

The person you want to be with the most is also your friend and knows all those things that you never did..

Share with anyone else because you never had enough faith in another to keep your secrets locked up and hid..

Til you both find each other again on the other side of the moon once we are where this world is no longer..

And my darling that will be my favorite place to find you because there will be no illness, pain,

or aging and I will be able to love you that much stronger..

– Buffy Sammons

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