Inherit the sin, Poetry by toto che handala

Genre: Family, Dark, Love

Inherit the sin
By toto che handala

Listen to you father
war stories
savor the shame
in his eyes

while pied pipers
call for you
to do the same
and you will
far,far too many
will swallow the swill

This is not your world
not yet
yet the seeds others sown
You will soon reap
but not the oldsters
investments paid off
for a slippery sleazy getaway
but you will do the same
insanity in a spiraling loop

Twisted tin soldier
slouched there broken
waving a little polluted flag
still too scared
to tell the truth
too ashamed
to say the right thing
would distort
the allusion

Patriotic lying
he has nothing
but bent broken bloody hands
trembling around a dirty rag

Inherit the sin
my son
waving in the wind
dark stark debauchery
deeply black
burning weep
and for what?
a profit margin
you will never feast upon

Each round
another deposit
deceived by duty
baited by promised gifts
teased by distorted history
indoctrinated by bs

So march deaf dumb blind and absolved
into the wind
embrace the ancient sin
in whitewashed uniform
inherit the sin

Cpllect the win
as you lose it all
shackled to a loop
teach your kid
to do the same
over and over

By WILDsound Festival

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