Audience Comments from last night’s Film Festival Event (May 28, 2015).

Spectacular films and accompanying conversations. Great range of genre and cross genres. Small, carefully, thoughtfully packaged 5-10 min gifts from filmmakers from 5 different countries including Canada.

The body of work acted as a thesis conductor, Knock out and flow style over symphonic lead, in the theatre of motion arts, sound and language.

My personal favorite, if I must choose only one, was German Shepherd.

The moderator Matthew Toffolo was excellent! Love WILDsound

– Donna Thompson, (from Meetup)

Tonight was fantastic!

– the_wizard_of_oz, (from Instagram)

This was a great event. Nice variety of movies. Distinct. Awesome to see the differences even in short films…stylistically and conceptually. This was my first event but it won’t be my last.

– Claudene, (from Meetup)

I loved these films and the intelligent discussions. Awesome!!!

– bruno_marks, (from Twitter)

Very interesting group of films.

– David, (from Meetup)

Love this event and how its evolved from its inception with the National Film Board. The moderator is a master at making sure the conversations flow in an intelligent and insightful manner. What a great night last night.

– Bob S, (from Facebook)

Great films tonight!

– Susanne, (from Meetup)

Comments from the May 28 2015 FEEDBACK Film Festival event. Go to and see upcoming events and festival deadlines.


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