Him, Poetry by Macy Shea

Genre: Sad, Relationship

by Macy Shea

She was fire
She was the rain
She was mentally strong
He was metal
He was the air
He was physically strong
He was her motivation to get up every morning
and carry on
She was his motivation to smile everyday
and try hard
He liked her
She loved him
At first sight,
She knew she’d fall for him
He knew he’d learn something from her
Months passed,
sun shone
rain fell
wind blew
leaves shed
the green died
And suddenly,
she was in love with this boy…
he was still too stupid to see.
And her eyes grew sadder,
life was getting worse for her
Parents pitted against each other
mother drinking, smoking
father drinking, smoking
Family strained
brother drinking, smoking
grandmother sick
aunts dying
uncles already dead
Friends spread away
but the closest one,
who used to be her best friend,
was just a few minutes walk,
but now almost ignored her completely
and he still didn’t notice the sadness

    for she always ended up breaking down into laughter whenever she saw him

Until the day she was absent
for, she had been frequently absent first quarter
before they became “close”
then she was never absent
Until the day she was gone forever

    into the abyss of darkness.

He fell to his knees
“How could she leave?”
“How was I so stupid?!”
He had never noticed how much he had supported her

Her fire had been smothered by her own rain
and now,
It was his turn to be broken… ♥

    * * * * *
    * * * * *
    * * * * *

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