Nothing changed me, Poetry by Miriam Beza

Genre: Family, War, Society

Nothing changed me
by Miriam Beza

A mountain river flowing over rocks, sometimes dry and sometimes flooding,
sometimes quiet as a lake and sometimes falling from a height,
That’s I, and nothing ever changed me.
The same sun red in summers, cold and pale in winters past, the cold unflinching moon that on and off hides behind clouds , watched over me.
The earth trembled in a rage, I did not care. Cocooned in my mother’s arms asleep and safe ,
When bombs were falling, fear and noise spread round us and I was troubled by such panic, I wet my pants. my mother smacked me hard, instead of comfort. It did not change my life.
When later on, after the war, my sister’s birth made such impact on us, my father said she is the future and I was just the past reminding of the sorrows of the war,
I cried in silence , but did not change my life.
At school my friends grew tall and strong, while I was left behind small, I carried on, it did not change me or my life.
I carried on, with ups and downs, I studied hard to be the best
I grew up under changing times, when freedom was a thing of the forgotten past.
And hardship was the norm One night I saw my father being dragged away for crimes he never did, I fought for him to be released, I carried on, that never changed me.
I graduated, married, worked where I was sent. A doctor, helping many I did my best, the times were hard and nothing changed my life.
My first child born, brought up at time of wont, I fought ill health and strong depression but, pulled through and did not change my life.
Then, when one day I packed my bags and left my keen and country, I carried on unto new life but that did not change me
When reunited with my man and child, together in a foreign land, I felt complete but never changed me.
When, on the move again and start from the beginning in other seas and other country, it did not change my life.
My mother, father came to join us, we’ve been so long apart my mother’s eyes looked brief at me then drifted searching for my sister. She didn’t want to know of me and mine. I did feel hurt, but did not change a thing in me.
Then after many years, another child was born, a girl ,small who came before her time. We fought together for her life, It brought me joy to see her grow and I stood strong and, never changed my life.
A few years later, a brief encounter with my death I pulled through. When had to face mortality I realized that nothing changed in me.
Time changed my face, my hopes and thinking, time was the only change but nothing changed me.

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