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Read the best of NEW WAR Feature Film Loglines:

Read the best of NEW WAR Feature Film Loglines: 

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WILD RUSSIAN MOTHER, by Zack Richardson

FIEND, by Andrew Samuelsen

PAPERCLIP, by Marshall White

FEELS LIKE HOME, by Chad Bowman

A BOY AND HIS SOLDIER, by Spencer Guerrero


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Farewells of Mt. Auburn, Poetry by Mark-Curtis Dunn

Genre: History, Life, War

Farewells of Mt. Auburn

Crisp Spring after last snow melt
Greens buds atop a frosty hillock.
Forest branches reach to azure turned golden
Where beneath emerald, secret paths among headstones
Meander up hill and down to strain the breast.
Only intimates would know
Demure scrolled marble weary white by the years
Still to bring gasps and tears for those who rest.

Bonded in serenity as in life
Infant child, doting mother, upright father
Cast into grief so sudden, long sighs to heave
Until joined once more
With mirror grey granite blazoned names.

Hillside helmeted herald
Pearly wings outstretched, spear at the ready,
Proclaims in perpetuity
Such a gift her forbears beneath brought
To span that earthly chasm
Between light and shade, friend and foe,
Before temporal borders close the day.

Maiden sphinx sarcophagus,
Mighty, majestic, martial,
Hosts phalanx ghosts
Lock step, bayonets drawn, wheel to flank
Amid clamor, clash, and red calamity
On many Little Round Tops,
To bind the laws for freedoms all.

Departing day drapes
On shadowy granite gate,
Sylvan sequestered sanctuary spires,
Terraced turreted tower.
Give air to all creation.
Care for these souls who remain in trust,
Humble markers to obelisk monuments,
And light their crown celestial unceasing.
— Mark-Curtis Dunn
© 2016

    * * * * *

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Get to know short film: #UNITED WE WIN, UK, 40min, War/Documentary

Playing at the May 2016 Documentary Film Festival. Get your FREE Tickets

  MOVIE POSTER#UNITED WE WIN, UK, 40min, War/Documentary
Directed by Henrik Friis

Four university students travel 2,300 miles from London to the frontlines of Iraq to see what the international community is doing in the fight against ISIS. They come across several of challenges while attempting to identify possible solutions to combat religious extremism and terrorism.

Henrik Friis de Magalhaes e Meneses – Producer

Tera Dahl – Producer

Piper Philips – Producer

Louise Kofoed-Dam – Producer

Abigail Grosse – Lead Cinematographer

Adam Kearns – Photographer

Piper Phillips – Editor

Genres: Documentary, Drama, Terrorism, ISIS, ISIL, Daesh

Runtime: 40 minutes 25 seconds

Completion Date: January 31, 2016

Production Budget: 15,000 USD

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Country of Filming: Iraq, United Kingdom

Film Language: Arabic, English, Kurdish, Norwegian

Film Color: Color

Feature Screenplay Reading – Catch the Devil by Martin Blinder

Watch the April 2016 winning feature screenplay.

CATCH THE DEVIL by Martin Blinder:

Genre: History, War, Adventure, Drama

Synopsis: A Civil War true adventure tale of three Union soldiers, the first winners of a Congressional Medal of Honor, whose audacity and bravery trumped the superior lethal technology of the Confederate South in their daring raid into the heart of Dixie.


NARRATOR – Danielle Nicole
EVERETT – Geoff Mays
MABEL – Scott McCulloch
VARIOUS – Hugh Ritchie

Get to know writer Martin Blinder:

Matthew Toffolo: What is your screenplay about?

Martin Blinder: A true story about how, during the American Civil War, three daring Union soldiers, a suicidal fatalist, a reckless gambler and a morose obsessive-compulsive sneak into the Confederate South well behind enemy lines and there commit many successful acts of sabotage, all the while eluding almost an entire pursuing Confederate Army, and at war’s end are awarded this nation’s first Congressional Medals of Honor for bravery, one of them, posthumously.

MT: Why should this screenplay be made into a movie?

MB: So many of the action films that come to the multiplex consist of fictional and unreal characters or comic book figures who are faced with apocalyptic forces of evil. They all seem the same to me – unconvincing, loud, and ultimately boring. By contrast, Catch the Devil is the largely true story of real men who bravely place themselves in situations of real peril and who, despite conflicts between them and in their inner selves, ultimately prevail. You will care about all the people in this story on both sides of this epic fight. A motion picture is an excellent medium with which to tell this highly visual tale.

MT: How would you describe this script in two words?

MB: Character driven.

MT: What movie have you seen the most times in your life?

MB: I often cannot find the time to see the new movies as they come out (and I am including those wonderful television series), let alone find the time to again see a movie already viewed but I think I’ve seen Casablanca and Gungadin more than once.

MT: How long have you been working on this screenplay?

MB: That remains to be seen. Still working on it.

MT: How many stories have you written?

MB: Probably a dozen.

MT: What motivated you to write this screenplay?

MB: Real and attractive characters have a real, highly visual adventure that incidentally perfectly fits the Hollywood formula for a compelling film.

MT: What obstacles did you face to finish this screenplay?

MB: Telling a complex story involving a half dozen fully developed characters in less than 200 pages.

MT: Apart from writing, what else are you passionate about?

MB: Unfortunately, too many things. Seems I have a short attention span.

MT: What influenced you to enter the festival? What were your feelings on the initial feedback you received?

MB: Unlike a book or article a screenplay has no life unless it’s performed.

MT: Any advice or tips you’d like to pass on to other writers?

MB: 1. Read your script aloud twice, first just the dialogue, then just the descriptions.

2. Look at every page without reading a word. There should be lots of wide space. If you see big chunks of words you’ve got some cutting to do.

3. However succinct your writing, there isn’t a paragraph in your script that would not profit from losing a sentence, and not a sentence that would not profit by dropping at least one word. I have posted on my writing desk some advice given back in medical school by my old professor of surgery:

“If in doubt, cut it out.”


Director/Producer: Matthew Toffolo

Casting Director: Sean Ballantyne

Editor: John Johnson

Distant Dream, Poetry by Asoka N. Jinadasa

Genre: War

Distant Dream
by Asoka N. Jinadasa

Nibbling his ear
she heard the cries of the wounded.
Kissing his eyes
she saw the horror of dead bodies.
Sensing his breath
she felt the ache in her heart.
Letting him love her
she melted into the joy of surrender
and the bliss of no longer he and she.

It has to be this way she sighed
stealing away in the starlight
after kissing him with her eyes.
Back in his village
the pain he’ll feel
will blossom with time.
Hers will jostle with the others
to the echo of her boot steps.

Hugging the cold metal of her weapon
watching fireflies flirt with the stars
dancing to the throb of distant gunfire
feeling the passion ebbing in her body…
Did it really happen?
Or was it another dream
like all the others she had killed?

    * * * * * *

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Genre: Rhyme, Society, Political, War


Same crew,
Unknown airspace.

islamick crisis state
Misplaced enveloped craze.

Publicity publishes reports,
Editorial tributes
Dry ink cups.

Suspicious presidential price,
Justice evade hidden paradise.

Expensive peace,
Planting gas on protesting waters.
Reveling of truth,
Closely intermediate to conflict.

Let’s leave together,
You doubt uncertainty,
Rockets wouldn’t kill, if
Hostages deal,
But man melts steel.

Mass grave,
Hours ago, city was lively.
Six in threes,
Execution upon a time

Coding parliamentary pledge,
Temporarily spoilt clock,
Little wire and tread,
Strap two batteries
Around her neck
Sprinkle black dust,
Bang !!!!
Improvised death.

After researching catalyst,
Reality can’t sleep.
Misplaced islamick
Member states
Track support of news.

    * * * * * *

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Genre: War, People


Embrace impact,

Slower the thinker,

History is stigma.

Sleep not deeper

Join me in commissioning
‘Operation Boko_haram extinguisher’.

Over the night our girls

Might never return.

Courage beats fear,

Sweat for peace or

Bleed at war.

Call time a ghost,

Time to extinguish Boko_haram

Including her host.

Immediate cultivation of

Nationalistic seeds through the

North, Africa and beyond.

Improve dreams of me,

And fatherless playing naked

Underneath Sambisa’s leaves.

With equal sacrifice

Authority doesn’t involve guns,

Camouflage protects love, as

Civilisation and conscience

Seasonally evolve.

    * * * * *

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