VISITING GEMINI, Poetry by LindaAnn Lo Schiavo

Genres: a dramatic monologue, family, relationships, divorce, alcoholism, betrayal, anger, emotional, kids, Los Angeles

by LindaAnn Lo Schiavo

Sitting we wait for M-G-M Grand Air.
Sunglassed, that one’s my father — — but he’s grown
A twin. One man gave me piggyback rides, named
Great stars in heaven, christened strange dustballs
Under my bed, making light of the dark,
Hugger called “dear Dadds,” even when he left,
Went West to write. But shading reptile eyes:
Another guy my Mom’s warned me about,
Who swears by bio-rhythms while angling
Development deals, praises re-hab groups.
“Poor women preyed on!” sniffs my aunt — — pray with
Perhaps, since his hugs have gotten thinner.

Here, his “Whaddya want?” means for dinner.
What I want is to skip again, a hand
On either side. I’m tired of riots,
Goat cheese on food, not knowing who’s used a bed,
His old apartment’s nicer. Here police
Cruise in “a black and normal” and his friends
Seem so wild. Why is Angel skinny (if
Not “on meth” anymore)? There’s Beth who needs
White mice because she keeps this snake. Dear Dadds
Must think he’s Bogey: all I hear is “kid.”
— — What’s her sign?” — — “Virgo, aren’t you, kid?” What is
A grown-up doing with a python? It’s
Called Gemini. Who cares if Cher’s across
Our table? Tell me: what is that? I care about
This writer with no paper in his house,
No ribbons, stamps — — then empties block his deck!
I wish he’d point at Pegasus’s neck
Without that smell on his breath. DADDS! Suggest
We BOTH walk through that gate! No. His goodbye — —
With shades on — — is: “Don’t mention Gemini.”

    * * * * *

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