Desperate love, Poetry by Fazia Tahir

Genre: Love, Romance, Relationship I shed tears of pain as l walk by thy side As thoughts of our past love sears through my heart I reach out with sincere words entwined with hope But thou disdainfully look away from me Have I wronged thee so distant I cannot reach Why hatred such for l… Continue reading  Desperate love, Poetry by Fazia Tahir

Death, Poetry by Dwain F. Hill

Genre: Death, Rhyme, Relationship  Oh sweet death, I’ve waited so long, my constant companion, it never felt wrong. You never have left me, been by my side. I’ve looked for you always, not wanting to hide. Your peace settles round me, life’s problems recede. The darkness an ending, no fear not a need. I await… Continue reading Death, Poetry by Dwain F. Hill