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Betrayed with a Kiss, Poetry by Azzurra Nox

Genre: Relationship, Romance, Love

Betrayed with a Kiss by Azzurra Nox

Answers cannot be found in your shattered reflection,
But you persist to search with your distressed eyes
Carving the image of your wrecked heart in the corridors of your soul.
Dead days pass you by—because
Eleven-fiftyseven knows all about your veils that
Fail to heal your bleeding wounds.

Gone forever are the days when
Heaven could be found in your boudoir,
Indigo tears fall uncontrollably—because
Jealousy rips your minuscule body with its tyrannical claws
Killing you in its cruel process.
Love for you now is nothing but a double dagger-inflicting Cupid, who

Marks your flesh with your lover’s name,
Nails his decayed passion deep within your
Opium-fueled fantasies.
Prick your bruised lips with a razor blade….
Quiet blood whispers its way down your pallid chin,
Rushes to seek an escape from your essence,

Strives to survive while you just want to roll over and die, so
Tear his photos as if they were his worthless limbs
Until you feel his blood on your lips….
Valentina, you deserve so much more than this, had
Wished for so much more than this
X-rated relationship.

You had conceived him in your heart, nourished him endlessly, but
Zane was aborted, the moment he betrayed you with a kiss.

    * * * * *

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Merry Go Round, Poetry by Aya

Genre: Love/Romance/Relationship

Merry Go Round
by Aya

Like an endless turn,
Our love goes nowhere.
The passion it burns
In this sordid affair.

Skin drenched with sweat,
Strange fluids come inside.
I feel a little upset
Whenever our bodies collide.

Wishing I could hold you tight,
Every time you’re near by my side.
Falling in love with you I can’t fight,
But my feelings they often lie.

Your memory they keep me spellbound.
But I’ll keep holding your hand on the merry go round.

    * * * * * *

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