THE STORY WITH NO END…, Poetry by Jyoti Vishwakarma

Genre: Romance, Love, Relationship

by Jyoti Vishwakarma

I was on d road trip,
Glancing at the white clouds,
A face more attracted me,
Leaving behind the beautiful serene of snow,
My eyes got stuck on him.
My intuition was so strong,
Even his eyes met with mine and his lips smile,
My step came subconsciously,
He at once turned and disappeared in the crowd.
The feeling of sadness wiped inside me,
I knew it was some beginning for a new start,
My eyes searched for him but nowhere I could find,
At the end of struggles, I left him as a beautiful dream clouds.
Many seasons passed,
And it rained again…
I was dipping wet one afternoon,
A shadow covering me again,
I turned to see that it was him,
The same smile fixed to fine me.
Dropping the umbrella,
He hugged my soul,
I surrendered at once,
Because the same emotions we crawled,
Drizzling rainy afternoon,
Created a new chapter in my story.
Months of happiness and years of moments,
One fine day he disclosed,
That he is already married to someone else…
The lady was pretty and wise,
He always failed to fall in love with her,
In past when he saw me,
It felt pure love for the first time.
He was planning to divorce,
In the plans to remarry me soon.
On the day of our foreverness,
My first love returned…!!!
Story was dramatized by his presence,
The whole breakup and love making of childhood flashed within seconds.
He was always my love for life,
Before he worsed everything between us,
When the new love arrived, I was merely on fluctuations.
At once I walked to him,
Leaving behind the garlands of roses in my hand,
His strange look conveyed me,
He had made me free to decide.
The groom looking at his wife’s presence for wedding,
He walked to her to apologise,
He said, I understood what love actually is,
“Will you marry me again tonight???” He said to his wife..
In his arms, I glance at their reunite.
Our hands tied up,
His body rubbing mine,
We happily walked at the gate,
A car came rushing down,
Crashing us apart forever,
Bleeding my head till death to see him die.
His eyes closed forever,
I closed my eye with a smile.
What happen if we couldn’t live together here,
We will together be somewhere around,
Somewhere, where the winds will blow,
In some loving couples will show.
Forgiveness is peace,
But forgiving someone is divine.
This is the love story with no ends,
As every end is a new beginning…!!!

    * * * * *

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  1. I feel glad and awesome to see my poetry on your wall.
    Thank you for ur kind gesture…
    Have a nice day.
    God bless you.
    Thank you,
    Jyoti vishwakarma.


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