Timeless Beloved, Poetry by Emmanuel Hampton

Genre: Love, Romance, Relationship, Family

Timeless Beloved
by Emmanuel Hampton

What is the best way to illustrate this timeless unknown that belongs to me and my beloved?

Bodies evaporate and pressures alleviate diminishing the figures of known senses

I am with you.

Lusting for lush over flowing cups of the nectar of your being

Seeing you only in realms of spirits and souls what I behold is a secret only unseen eyes keep

Those same eyes wept and beyond time still weep every time I seep into the crevices of your painted body and sound

How profoundly we orchestrate art that obliterates discriminative walls of misunderstanding

Blind to illusions and deaf to fears

It is here I sing my song for you.

It is here every note of my voice cries a tear for you and the painted sculptors of splendid endeavors of beauty

We found each other like brothers that knew only of their Mother and design perfectly perfected by Father Time

I begged for you, while you reminded me of my royalty

Of our loyalty to each other and the sacred time of every moment

Never lose it

For loss is the greatest abuse when it comes to music

I kept that.

Dear to my heart wisdom become a body part that breathed life into an organism known as us

There was no rush when we parted, no ways forked, and no wars were started

This was divinity

Like a promise we’d keep but shared with the world or a child obsession that enriched the meaning of a man

Here I am

Infinitely in embrace with you.

Timeless Beloved

* * * * *
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