My Handicap Beach, Poetry by Buffy Sammons

Genre: Rhyme, Life, Society

My Handicap Beach
by Buffy Sammons

As I lay here and look out the window from our hotel at the absolutely
amazing view..

It makes me wonder how something so simple creates such beauty and
always seems so new..

I feel sadness for those who pass by every day and don’t think another
thought about..

The beauty that surrounds them from the beach and the water with the
waves washing in and out..

The lighthouse that stands unintentionally stoic and tall and lights
the way for those out at sea..

And the sand that finally runs across my toes which has been a dream
for so long for me…

This was only possible with the help of a loving person who got me
where I needed to go…

And to whom I really hope does realize how much they have helped me in
many ways to grow..

And there are always a few people that have to make a spectacle of a
girl in a wheelchair..

As they walk by me and say things in a whisper as if they think I
can’t hear along with a stare here and there..

If they only knew that It was one of the best days of my life and that
I am feeling so relaxed and at ease..

I will take all of their comments and let them go over my head along
with the beautiful breeze..

Because this morning I may have been the disabled girl on the beach
which was a wonderful thing to me..

And until you learn to see the view from down in a wheelchair every
day I don’t care what you think you see…

Because today my view was from the warm sand on a beach towel that was
laid down just for me and was the best..

Day I have had in so long because I was no longer that poor gilt in
the wheelchair and felt almost like all of the rest..

Of beach goers and comers to the new jersey shore in Atlantic City and
right on the pier that is very well known..

For gambling and partying but for me it was just to feel the sand on
my toes and feel like I was not handicapped if even for a few moments

Coming home with my stuff in disarray the way it always is along with
a few souvenirs because they are from my very first trip away from

I loved it so much and want to thank those who took me long on a short
but awesome vacation to start me going more which I really hope..

Because it’s nice sometimes to go to places that make you feel
different than the usual girl in the wheelchair always needing help
from what I call in my head my proverbial rope..

* * * * *
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