Sexual Lust, Poetry by Prism Divinity

Genre: Lust, Sex, Adult, Dark, Gothic, Satanic, Epic

Sexual Lust
by Prism Divinity

Bulging muscles,
Perfect golden skin
And a sincere heart,
A man such a beautiful masculine creature,
Makes my heart skip a beat,
A man so neat
And in my league,
A man so close to my preferred taste,
A man so rebellious,
Could be the Devil himself,
Cannot resist him
And he knows it.

Notices me staring at him,
Star struck,
I can only hope that he’ll grab me,
That he knows how to handle a woman,
A woman like me,
The less words,
The more actions,
The better.

The smell of tight leather slipping off of his skin,
Takes me
Cause he really wants me,
Can’t resist me,
Must make love to me,
Starts to kiss me,
I can smell his masculine,
Pushes me up against the wall,
Kisses me,
Flames start to burn,
Kisses me
Everywhere, all over the place,
Open gothic space,
Our ceremonial lair,
Everything’s breaking all around,
Paintings falling on the ground,
The roof is coming down,
No place can contain,
Handle the passion inside,
Clothes ripping off,
Nothing left but nudity.

Moving in,
In between my legs,
Placing my leg on his hip,
Slipping into me,
Moaning fills the air,
Thrusting in and out,
Cannot take it anymore,
On the verge of hitting a sacred note,
Removes himself from me,
One contraction turns into lust so insane,
Eyes begging, pleading,
He picks me up,
Places me on the ground,
On my back,
Crawls in between my legs,
Slipping in again,
So passionate, such lust,
Desire from the deepest depths of the heart,
Thrusting in and out,
Sweat dripping,
Fog in the air,
Contractions want to start,
And there it is,
Resonating, echoing,
Through the dark gothic atmosphere,
And a few manly moans.

Tongues start slipping all over again,
Synchronization in every way,
Moans and screams.

Fast asleep,
Two naked bodies,
For we have reaped,
Reaped from the hottest pleasures that come,
Come from the deepest depths of hell’s pleasures,
It’s a sexual lust not left unquenched like so many.

* * * * *
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