INSPIRING SONG TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE, Poetry by Katarina Jovcevska

Genre: Inspirational, Song, Music

by Katarina Jovcevska

(For better results read this inspiring song at loud every day many times for a happier and richer life)

I am the best of myself until now,I live my life with all my heart and see I am fulfilled with love which I am giving to everyone around me.

I am one with the universe and I finally know the law of life to get everything I want.

My mind is a beautiful garden of incredible ideas,positivism,huge enthusiasm,inspiring thoughts,I am blessed to dive in the ocean of abundance and unlimited happiness and wealth.

The destiny is smiling me now,I am excited and so inspired,cured,the life is a wonderful and for me it is happening so many miracles every day.

I don’t hurt anybody with anything and don’t want to be hurt because I know my limits of behavior and I am ready to attract more wonderful situations and things which already waiting to come to me.I am master of my life,I only listen what says my heart I have intuition to be in the right place and right time.

Today is my new life,real time,real life and real love around me which I am living now ,I am so pure human being with all joy in myself,with forgiveness in me for everyone in the past,without anger , fear,sorrow,disseases of every kind,negativity and vices…

Finally I am free to imagine,to create,to dream and to build my future starting from now.

I am genius ,I appreciate myself more than ever before because deeply I know that I am so precious I am changed and everyone can see that I am so kind ,so happy and beautiful human being.

I have that unique power to change the things on my way and in the same time to inspire the others.I sing the song of my life ,and my dreams are coming true because I believed in them to this day.

I suffered so many times and felt so many pains,but never mind that is all behind and that is the process to the better life and thoughts which I have now.

I had to grow day by day for to be today that I am.

Now I know that I have purpose and to spend my days on amazing way…

I know the rule that everything depends on me,my thoughts,spoken words,acting and desires what I will choose that will be.

I am not crazy to be lonely,sick,sad,angry and poor,man of course and I chose to be happy,good friend,humane and rich that I am putting on my mind and imagine that will be the new seed and so it be.To be the change to awake of the dream.

I am awaking and waiting.

    * * * * *

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