I stand corrected?, Poetry by NoLIFE

Genre: Political; Painful

I stand corrected?

Then law of nature dictates that procreation is purpose…
But the insipient insolence of your kind has flourished into intransigence
blatant disrespect in the house of the lord
God made man on the 6th day. And as a matter of fact, to be exact
women created in second place as a subordinate extract.

So tell me, do you think because society is patriarchal, being a woman dating
another woman is some sort of empowerment?
Typically used as props of freedom in the constitution just to lift a burden off
The government?

Bitch! You are dressed like A man but I can see your curves and I’m loving it.
And they say if it’s broken it can be fixed.
Homosexuality is a psychological disorder and my penis is the mental institution
The relevant remedy to your insanity

Remember that estrogen is ruled and completed by testosterone
So I am here to set you straight I’m not a threat. `I just want to show you a good time while I inside you like bad breath

Rights can only extend as far as you are willing to protect them. But you are looking pathetic and weak. Right now I just want to teach, you a lesson but Iam also attracted to the pheromones you reek.

`but you’re an idiot if you’re going to measure my character using masculinity as a scale
then the only women in here are the two of you.

Thula maan, ey mfethu. Ithi ng;khulume naye lo muntu.
`Woman, You should only speak only when you are spoken too.
But for now let your labia do the talking.

Your ovaries are exhausted; your body was made to carry children
But you are forcing yourself to be a barren desert of abundance with the fruits of a fallopian tubes labour left to rot.

You should have your skin pulled off your body for displacing
future generations in your affection for another woman.

This incessant talking of equal rights will have you smashed by a train
And you should be afraid of the garrulous conductor. You’re going to be a woman by the end of the night. Your tears are going to be evidence of your feminine
I’ll squeeze screams out of your masculine character.
Because you are indenial of the reality of your oocytes. So, Vaginal mologues will
Be silences by erectile soliloquys
You don’t deserve the luxury of life
So please understand my frustration with your disability
Sfebe, you should bend over once you get on your knees

Sex with the corpse of a lesbian has always been my dream.

Eh Spicho mfetehu lets get out of here, she’s well
On her way to burning in hell

Hai maan, I’m about to come what’s the rush? Just run around the house and see if you can find a toilet brush. We’ll put it inside her before we leave
This is theatric violence Mfana they wont believe

My spirit hovered inside the room
Two men flee the scene
My body on the floor
With blood trails around it
To show the places that I have been
But death followed me silently
So you can take this as an apparition’s litany

Father, it is not their ignorance
Please forgive the society
Sometimes feelings are insensitive to expectations.
My mother always blamed Satan for my sexual inconsistencies
Dragged me to church,
But the only thing that a prayer could do…
Was anger me

Misunderstood because Africa is exclusive to: Men provide and women
In the kitchen.
Men Provide and women in the fucken kitchen,.

It’s not like I couldn’t perform this tasks
But my disposition towards rejecting ay man
That would woe me, was a disorientation towards Gods recommendations

Because the apples of my eye
Were all of a homogenous make up.
But my choice was a direct result of biblical free will

They should have remembered
That having a Vagina does not translate into
Attraction to the male species.
But this is Africa and having personal preference is a disease.

`First im judged for my decisions. Being told things like,
“You should be dating men ‘cos you have a pretty face.”
Now these bastards have raped… trying to set me straight

Secondly, I’m discriminated against because of my race

I don’t even know why I have dreadlocks
And I don’t know if people know this
But Rastafarianism in its essence is homophobic
But curative defies logic
Pardon me, it is the same mentality that has grown men
Raping babies trying to get rid of H.I.V

I got judged for trying to choose my happy ending
And instead, my character gave me a life sentence
And Now… I Have NoLIFE.

So… Do I stand corrected?

* * * * *
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