Ottawa, Poetry by Forrest Jamie

Genres: Friendship, Hurt, Painful, Sad, Abandoned Ottawa (10.27.2015) by Forrest Jamie I can’t make you miss me. I can’t pull the words from your throat and I sure as hell can’t make you care. I can’t sit you down in front of me and beg for honesty and I can’t make you listen. That’s the hardest part, I… Continue reading Ottawa, Poetry by Forrest Jamie

Little girl, Poetry by Tessarra Parrish

Little girl, I know your dad spits homophobia off his tongue like a wildfire burning and when he found your love letter with her name signed across it he cried and you cried and he told you he didn’t love you anymore, that God couldn’t love you anymore.
But you don’t understand why you feel more comfortable showering in the light shinning through the stain glass window in gods house than you feel singing next to your parents on Sunday mornings.