Genre: Spiritual, Dream, Inspirational


It was raining, although the announced wind.

Regardless of the insensitive time, dreams are still

were declared clear.

One name, one address, one look …

Perhaps it would be enough, and half of the verse

for some,

at least a half-hearted beginning of the story,

that began less than eighteen years.


an entire majority stood in the heart.

Waiting for you spring,

that reality boldly and pollinate flowers


Can you ever go back …

From this view,

of this now.

Backwards eighteen summers

and even more of printed collections of songs that were inadvertently

went into the wind.

Well, not disappeared.

The canopy memories hide them in their secret


for a time better than yesterday.

Can a first kiss,

love at last look,

the first handshake,

unjedriti hugs fangs years.




There is a clock that returns time yesterday

subtle and it combines with this now !?

This reflection is not a hypothesis, a thesis is even less.

The story is about this one dream.

About regard,

which lasted a whole age of majority.

* * * * *
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