Selfish Nature, Poetry by Brittny Pesek

Genres: Love, Loss, Happiness, Pain, Heartbreak, and Dealing with Life

Selfish Nature
by Brittny Pesek

Rapping on the window
Whispers your sweet name
Written by the pollen,
Erased by the rain.
Etched in stone is another
Much harder to take from time,
No hurricane could wash it away
And only can stone unbind.
As thunder pounds,
Quakes shake the foundations
Of what is history
And what is just created.

Come pollens of Spring,
Come rains of Summer,
Come stone bashing stone
To send all asunder.
For the time is coming
When all will be shattered.
Time erased;
Bonds broken and battered.

Mother Nature writes each sweet name
Unbeknownst to them it’s all a cheap game.
For she takes what she wants to make herself happy.
Sending the rain, beating the rock,
Crying in pain as each she destroys.
Because happiness is perspective, and perspective we create
Through an eternity of choices to build and then break.

    * * * * *

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