Genre: Depression/Life

by Lindsay Gignac

People are always asked how would you describe depression?

What is depression like?

While you know they think they know the answer but they really don’t Depression is not a dream

Depression is not anorexic girls and boys staring in their mirrors

Depression is not just a sadness

Depression is a Gang made up of criminals held together by guns and weed and switchblade in your side when you betray the gang heading to the hospital or six feet below

Depression is an Ocean Filled With Blood Thirsty Sharks swimming.smelling,hoping for a victim discovering a ripped soul and devours on that like it won’t survive without it while the soul is screaming for help under water being fought over and ripped apart more

Depression is a Guitar With Broken Strings curled up,snapped back if pulled to far unfixable

Depression is a Torture Chamber Beat on,hit on,shocked but with no answers to give for anything

Depression is a Haunted House the scares popping out of nowhere with no ending and no escape and darker than black

Depression is a Broken Ankle snapped after a bad incident from a game you love but the breaks SO bad you need surgery and you don;t recover and you can’t do the things you used to be able to do because of a snap of the ankle

Depression is History And History Class Same boring stuff every year

Depression is a Scale broken if the weight on top of it gets way too heavy and beat up because of the number it shows to the owner of that big number

Depression is Me overweight,changing herself all the time,skipping meals,extreme workouts with winter cloth,deep red cuts plastered on my wrist,looking in the mirror and crying with joy because she can see her rib cage

Depression is a Death Sentence wrapped up in a black bow,killed with no reason even when innocent and ruled and looked over by the judge

Depression is Terrifying when you are staring in the mirror for hours picking out all the flaws you have and screaming FAT in the mirror to yourself over and over you are truly dying

    * * * * *

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