Genre:- Dark (or Darklylight)

Written by Stephen Lodge, Singapore 2014.

Haunted shores, soft winds whisper, songs played upon a storm,
A ghost hidden in the fog, this wintry eve, these snow-filled skies,
Beauty sleeps fitfully as wolves howl, they are baying at the moon.
Strangled by some unnamed fears, drowning in a pool of tears,
Sea breezes call the shore, the gentle murmur of a whispered message
The dark skies cry when we part, but you will always have my heart.
These mists and midnight skies, the still graveyard, flickering lanterns,
Generations of tombstones. A solitary owl is heard from a lonely barn,
While phantoms and lost creatures chase the mist and the shadows cast,
Ushering the night to it’s blackest point, no silence will be found…
We await the dawn….the morn….and all it’s promise. Forget the night….forget…
Good morning, gentle friends. The day has greeted us quietly, mournfully,
Scenes of an empty field covered by pure driven snow, the faintest footsteps,
A bleak moor, the remote calls of hungry sheep, a background of distant bells
Then offshore, the first waves of a building storm, a lost and silent lighthouse.
Noon beckons and already creeping mists suggest soon light will pass us by,
Take courage, my friends, let’s go and eat at The Hall Of The Shepherd’s Pie.

    * * * * *

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