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Read Today’s Novel and Feature Film Loglines:

Title: Part of Me
Written by: Kislaya Dwivedi
Type: Feature Film
Genre: Drama

Title: The Heartbreak Killer
Written by: Bob Creager
Type: Feature Film
Genre: Crime, Mystery, Suspense

Title: Under the Influence
Written by: Anni Pea
Type: Feature Film
Genre: Romance, Drama

Title: The Nostradamus Mission
Written by: Daniel Berghoff
Type: Feature Film
Genre: Thriller, Adventure, Drama, Science Fiction

Written by: Mark McClafferty
Type: Feature Film
Genre: Crime, Drama, Action, Mystery, Thriller

Title: A Harem Boy’s Saga
Written by: Bernard Young
Type: Feature Film
Genre: Autobiography & Memoir

Written by: Ernest Brawley
Type: Feature Film
Genre: Crime/Drama.

Title: Defeated at God’s Hand
Written by: Natia Chikovani
Type: Feature Film
Genre: Drama, Biography

Title: The Angel’s Lounge
Written by: Kane Lesser
Type: Novel
Genre: Fiction – Suspense

Title: Tigerman’s Footsteps
Written by: Colin Guest
Type: Novel
Genre: Biography

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