Black White and Blood, Poetry by Lizzie Heart

Genre: Death, Dark, personal

Black White and Blood
by Lizzie Heart

Silent screams, pasty cream
Black and white
Head to toe; not just me,
Look around it’s everything
Blood dripping, rope it stings
Digging into my skin
Tied to the tracks while there you laugh
Standing in your tall black hat,
There with your evil grin
Twisting and twirling your greasy moustache
Damsel in distress
Legs flailing up and down
Short torn dress, around my knees
You stare, oh so pleased
Vocal cords with no vibrations
My Prince, my hero…
Where is he now
The dark shadows casting me down
Black puffing clouds
Iron shakes, rumbling gravel, moving ground
Your tilted back, mouth open wide
Bent almost in half
To let out the most ghoulish, evil sound
My ears quiver, such trepidation, nothing do they hear
Scared straight, not going to be saved
Adrenaline pumping
Kick it into gear, got to use this fucking fear
Look around, take a trick from a master chick
Beatrice Kiddo, no victim was she
Broken glass next to my calf
Hack through these confinding strings
Release my bleeding wounds
Stumble to my feet
Unbend your back
This glass and me now one,
Tearing my skin
Hand bloodied, fearing not
Tighly clutching, fingers and glass clasped
My eyes meet yours
Swiftly now, glass stabs in, pull across
Red dots contrasting with my pearl white teeth
Red sprays fill the holes of the dimples on my cheeks
The only color
The only color anywhere
Looking around
Left, right, up, down,
Pasty cream black, white
and red
There I stand, shaking
Staring at my bloody hands
Tilt my head back
Dig my nails into my cheeks
My eyelids hiding my eyes
Gasping for air
In desperation I reach into the depths of me
Searching for a release
I need to let out this violent scream
But nothing
Mouth open wide, bloody red tears falling at my side
Nothing comes
No vibration, no sound
Falling to my knees
Warm crimson red meets my head
My fingers knees and thighs in the red
Pools oozing from the dead
Clawing my throat, peel back the skin
Rattle my vocal cords, shake free these needed screams
The agony feeding on my insides
Soaking, wet and cold, shivering
I lie down next to you longing to die
Silent screams pasty cream


    * * * * *

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