God is real but we don’t exist…, Poetry by Jason Moore

Genre: Reality, Religion, Rhyme

God is real but we don’t exist…
by Jason Moore

God is real, but we don’t exist,
When believers and atheist hear this,
They gonna get pissed!
We’re figments of our own imagination,
Language, love, life,
People, politics, paradise,
War, worry, wind, time, temperature, trees,
It’s like the Matrix movie, it’s all just make believe,
History is fiction,
In this simple truth all religion is missing,
We are less probable than what makes us special,
Mankind’s time in the universe is infinitesimal,
A tiny grain of sand in the universe,
All life we know opposable thumbs dearth,
This impossibility transcends intelligence,
I think therefore I ponder my relevance,
Necks on Giraffes and trunks on elephants,
Pale in comparison to our thumbs’ development,
Evolution provides tools to survive the elements,
AND divine intervention almost makes since,
In the self-centered cloud of mankind’s dream – that’s this!
Were atoms in the cosmos, spirits in a dream,
Time scares us like we saw a ghost,
Then death wakes us from that dream,
Time on earth is heaven,
Where we control bodies like machines,
Life is seldom what it seems,
Don’t believe your eyes – the world’s just a grand illusion,
Time flies and facts lie, so I came to this conclusion,
Life is background TV, were actors and the world’s a re-run reality show,
God’s our only audience bored to tears because she’s seen it all before.

    * * * * *

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