Heartfelt, Poetry by Patsy Jawo

Genre: Society, Life, Rhyme

by Patsy Jawo

Beloved Great Britain
Variety so disparate
A unity so dignified
Entities so polite
Charming in all light
Despite seeming obstacles
Alight with vigour
A birthplace so detailed
Where wealth and love prevail
Delightful Edinburgh burns
Inside like a furnace flame
And London so lovely
Taking me in so comely
A prodigy in the making
A whirling sensation
As we move through stations
Amazing entities across nations
Remembering sacred Ireland
Excluded yet precluded
A peaceful serenity
Beautiful signatories
My buoyant inspiration
Redefining genteel
Rapports reveal purity
Of souls imbued
Through Countries, Towns, Cities
Vibrant people, things, places
Plants, Trees, Parks, experiences
Believers, atheists, spiritualists
Lesbians, Transsexuals, Bisexualism
Straight laced or gay brothers and sisters
Make no fatal mistake
There is only oneness in me
A love for one and all
Use not me, beliefs or bigotry
To destroy this love and unity
Take me as I am, totally
Great as tastes of Wales
Perfect, whole, completely
Britannia, your very own
Everyone’s to roam freely
Joyfully embrace living
In this luscious land
So giving, forgiving
Blessing us all with food
Wildlife, abundance so good
Love me like I love you
Everyone not some
Let’s all be Great together
In a Britain that lives forever

    * * * * *

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