Appearances – Poetry Reading by Patsy Jawo

Watch the Poetry Reading: APPEARANCES Poetry Performed by actor Jason Martorino Get to know poet Pasty Jawo: 1) What is the theme of your poem? Life, Love, Positive Mental Attitude, Motivation, Self Awareness & Improvement 2) How would you like people to respond when they read or watch your poetry reading? However they naturally feel… Continue reading Appearances – Poetry Reading by Patsy Jawo

True Source, Poetry by Patsy Jawo

My style, my finesse, my grace
My guile, my invents, my name
No dreams do I thus chase
All my greatest achievements created
Games ever played for the raid
Ah the sweetest investments made
I am my fate, master and king
The captain of this massive ship
Steered and glided along this strip
Of life, love and laughter for eternity