For The “Other” Woman, by Poetry by Attracta Fahy

Genre: Betrayal, Relationship

For The “Other” Woman
by Attracta Fahy
So…. this is how it goes….
“She doesn’t really understand me”
“I was young when I met her”
“I fell out of love with her”
“My heart was broken for my kids”
“I stayed for the children”
“She held me back”
“I tried so hard”
‘I felt really guilty”
“She was very insecure”
“I could never do enough”
“She was very difficult”
“She controls me”
“She didn’t appreciate me”
“She is too sensitive”
“She wasn’t affectionate”
So…. these are the lists
“of commands”
delivered to you,
the “Other” woman…..
You know now…. how you must be!
thrown into competitive
that you
will fill the hungry ghost of
becoming what she was not,
not seeing…… what he is
blinded, you believe,
it will be different with you.
So…..You have taken up the mantle
she left down,
in grief,
for the part of her
who fell for the illusion
of what Love is,
That Woman who
sees now
what love is not,
That Woman
who now becomes your
“Other” Woman.

The Woman you must not be.

So…. what you will find
will be the part of you
that you will kill
betray and disavow
to please a Man
who hates Women.
Who behind the mask of charm
Deceives your soul
Degrades your essence
Inflicts his wounds,
Who takes his pleasure in
While he remains the
Puer Aternus.
So… “Other Women” always
have “Other Women”
Designed by man
to keep us split
in competition,
to serve the need
and live in hope of love
from a Man who falls in need
not Love,
You no different , stay
In need, not love.

This my dear
what “Other women” do
to “Other” women.
Yes, willing vehicles
to carry hate of women
for the Daimon Lover.

Attracta Fahy
* * * * *
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