TWISTED Short Film – Audience FEEDBACK Video of the Nov. 2015 Film Festival

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TWISTED was the winner of Best Cinematography at the November 2015 FEEDBACK Film Festival.

Watch the Audience FEEDBACK Video of TWISTED:

  MOVIE POSTERTWISTED, 14min, Australia, Drama/Thriller
Directed by James Hartley and James Shepherd

After a night with the girl of his dreams, Michael has a story to tell. And a favour to ask…

Read the audience transcript of TWISTED:

 Matthew Toffolo, Moderator: Twisted, the Australian film, kind of with a twist, right? It’s a visual monologue of a guy telling a story about – well, you tell me… This is a tough film, it’s a fourteen minute film, this guys is in every single scene and every single shot and I think he really pulled it off, what do you think, does anyone want to respond to this?

Audience Member 1: Especially compared to that film we were discussing earlier with the two guys where we were talking about how creepy it is, the lengths they would go to in order to pick up a girl, I think this was far creepier. But I think the main character did an amazing job. I thought he was tremendous.

Audience Member 2: I’m just going to echo exactly what she just said. He was much creepier than that other film but that was a fantastic performance he carries this whole movie. Set-wise this was very interesting with doors in the middle of nowhere and partial sets so it’s very much just a narrative. It’s him telling a story and it shouldn’t work but it does.

Moderator: Well it gives us a cinematic experience, right? And that’s what we’re here for.

Audience Member 3: Yeah, I agree. In terms of performance he was the movie, he was the whole thing and you felt very compelled to pay attention to him because that’s all there was – him. I have to comment also that this sort of stream of consciousness of the film, the rambling, I got it up to a point and after a while I just lost the thread of the story. It became confusing about the mother, etc. It was great acting but if you try to go one level deeper and understand what it’s all about it think you get lost a little bit. I did, anyway.

Moderator: Because it’s not a film that we’re used to seeing. We’re not used to seeing that kind of narrative and those types of visuals. So I understand what you’re saying with that but this is the second or third time I’ve seen it so I really hooked into what’s going on. The thing that makes the film is that this guy is charming, we like him, right? Then we end up seeing the twist at the end.

Audience Member 4: It was disturbing, but the performance was outstanding, again.

Moderator: But wasn’t it disturbing the whole time, or only the ending was disturbing?

Audience Member 4: Only the ending, yeah. How far you will go to get a girl.

Audience Member 5: I was just going to say that I thought it was going to turn into a Bonnie and Clyde type of thing. I thought the girlfriend was in on it because I was kind of shocked that they had sex after he told her that his mom had died.

Audience Member 1: I remember this one part where he’s telling the first story, like what happened, and he says his mother doesn’t let him have keys, he has to ring the doorbell, and    I thought “that’s weird, why wouldn’t she let him have a key?” Now I know she probably knew there’s something with him, there’s something not right.

Audience Member 6: I found it to be kind of a commentary on mental illness actually. From the beginning you can see his emotions changing from one second to the other, it was very psychopathic, sociopathic, the way he was talking about the story. Also nonchalantly talking about killing his mother. It just seemed like he had some very serious mental health issues. It’s serious, it’s funny in a way but it’s also serious. It’s a scary situation.

Audience Member 7: I’m just going to play devil’s advocate. I actually liked a lot of the film, like the transitions and sets, the dialogue, the way it was written and everything else. But I didn’t really think that the performance from the lead actor worked in the way that everyone else says that they enjoyed it. I felt a lot of times that he was very overpowering, very obnoxious, very forceful, and I thought that when he said that at the end it was not very surprising. I kind of expected that, coming from him. What I think for me would have been more of a surprise, or more convincing is if he was a very sympathetic figure and someone who was not so forceful. Just for me, I enjoyed everything about it but I saw that coming quite far away, that wasn’t a surprise for me.

Audience Member 2: I want to crowbar two things apart, we don’t have to like the character for it to be a great performance. I mean, he’s a hideous person, but we like the performance. The actor did a great job with the role and that’s what I’m applauding.

Moderator: This has a major twist at the end, so the title is right. Even the monologue too, it’s very crisp. It could be a theatre play, and they kind of made it this fifteen minute stage play into a visual experience.


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