SHOOT GRANNY Short Film – Audience FEEDBACK Video from the Nov. 2015 Film Festival

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SHOOT GRANNY was an overwhelming audience favorite at the November 2015 FEEDBACK Film Festival.

Watch the Audience FEEDBACK Video of SHOOT GRANNY:

  MOVIE POSTERSHOOT GRANNY, 5min, Spain, Comedy/Musical
Directed by Olivier Kowalczyk

Shoot Granny or when an ordinary tea time between three friends turns into an improvised Gymkhana. On a music of Todd Terje.

Read the audience transcript of SHOOT GRANNY:

Moderator, Matthew: Shoot Granny, I do have to admit there was a mistake made but hopefully it didn’t seem to bother anybody. There were supposed to be subtitles in this movie. I don’t know what happened with the transfer here at the cinema but I guess it still works because it’s kind of a musical. I think it still worked, what do you guys think?

Audience Member 1: I hope my geriatric years are spent in such a hilarious situation. I did think actually that I wished there were subtitles, but I think that it was such a vibrant, colorful, clear film that it was pretty much gathered what was happening. At first though I thought she was going to prank call the older guy and thought that would have been hilarious but then he just joined in the fun and that was good too.

Moderator: Doesn’t matter how old you are, you want to party and you want to get all messed up and have some fun with the opposite sex, right/

Audience Member 2: I was thinking, you know, we live downtown in Toronto and people complain about noise. But it’s never really old folk making noise. I thought, imagine… This was really fun, I loved it. I think we can’t confine fun to a specific age group. I really loved that, it’s outrageous.

Moderator: So I guess what you’re saying is that we usually think it’s kids who are making all the noise and causing complaints and having parties but it could be any age group.

Audience Member 3: Well they were behaving like teenagers and that was part of the fun of the film. I was surprised that none of the men had blue pills. I thought the sets in this looked really good. Very retro, dial telephones, when’s the last time any one of us had a dial telephone in our home? It was just a really good looking film as well.

Moderator: The hidden social commentary is that older people have the best drugs too. If you want good drugs, just go to the senior citizens centre, they’ve got all the best stuff.

Audience Member 4: I’ll make a quick one. For what it’s worth, I understood everything, there’s only one line in the movie that was kind of funny. When she calls the old guy she says “I’m here with my really hot friends”. That was funny but other than that there really wasn’t anything consequential so it was really good without the subtitles. I thought it was intentional.

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