Today’s Instagram Photos: Monday January 4 2016

January 3 2016 #Writing #Festival summary: The #writingfestival will be presenting 2 1st Scene #Screenplays, 2 Short Screenplays, and a #Feature Screenplay at the upcoming #January 3 #2016 event. Here are the details of the #winning scripts we’ll be performing: #1 – CRIME EXTRAORDINAIRE – Feature Script Reading by Howard Fridkin Genres: #Action, #Adventure, #Thriller, #Crime SYNOPSIS: For the ultimate revenge, an internationally renowned mystery writer uses his latest novel as a blueprint to steal the #EiffelTower. #2 – PURGATORY – 1st Scene Reading by Alex A. Kecskes Genres: Crime, #Fantasy SYNOPSIS: Two small time ex-cons run into two #angels on probation who must save their souls or be dammed forever. #3 – GUNNISON – 1st Scene Reading by Daniel Duane Genres: #SciFi, #Thriller, #Supernatural SYNOPSIS: A sniper who hunts an #AirForce colonel for humiliating her on a botched cover up discovers he’s masterminding one himself when a man hunt for two gunman leads to the capture of an extraterrestrial pilot being held prisoner. #4 – US NAVY CINE-KODAK – Short Screenplay Reading by Stephen M. Hunt Genres: #War, Thriller, #Drama SYNOPSIS: #France, 1941; an American undercover war correspondent is overwhelmed by an old woman’s unique and unbelievable response to local, Nazi atrocities. #5 – THE NEW NEIGHBORS – Short Screenplay Reading by L. Filippo Santaniello Genres: #Horror, Thriller SYNOPSIS: Three friends are screening and selecting short films for a low budget horror film festival when the babysitter from the floor below rings the bell. Something bad has happened and she needs help. * * * * Deadlines to Submit your Screenplay, Novel, Story, or Poem to the festival: Watch recent Writing Festival Videos. At least 15 winning videos a month:

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