Read Audience Transcript from the short film LIKE IN THE MOVIES

  MOVIE POSTERLIKE IN THE MOVIES, 5min, Italy, Documentary
Directed by Francesco Faralli

Following his cinephile passion, Daniele Bonarini (from the Association “Il Cenacolo Francescano”), realizes digital feature films shot with the enthusiastic support of friends and volunteers using disabled persons as actors.

Read interview with director Francesco Faralli

LIKE IN THE MOVIES Played at the WILDsound FEEDBACK Film Festival in January 2016. Here is the transcript of the audience feedback from the festival. Moderated by Matthew Toffolo.

LIKE IN THE MOVIES – Audience Feedback

MT: “Like in the Movies”, a documentary film about making a film with disabled actors. This kind of tugged at out heart strings a little bit and with some comedy as well. Would anybody like to make the first comment?

Audience 1: The start of it was really nice, I mean for the first couple of seconds it almost feels like it’s going to be exploiting them and then it turns out this is not the case at all. It is actually a very happy and joyful story. I really enjoyed that on the surface this could have been bad but in reality there is nothing bad about it in any way.

MT: Yes, I don’t think there is anything bad about it at all. I am sure these actors are amazed. They get to see themselves on-screen. Everybody loves the movies and they get to see themselves play these characters. It is very inspiring.

Audience 2: I love how instead of thinking of something as a disability they embraced it and they saw it for what it was and used it to make art. That’s what I liked about it.

Audience 3: I was laughing, and then I realized for a second that I was laughing at disabled people, and I felt kind of badly about it. Did anybody else feel that? [audience laughter]

MT: Yeah, but it’s not as though you’re laughing at them, you’re laughing at them while he tries, because we all screw up lines, right?

Audience 3: Yeah, which was what was so great about it.

Audience 4: Also it is a beautiful film, presented in a loving and sensitive way because a lot of the time we overlook people with visible disabilities. We don’t think they have any desire to act or that they have humor. So it is really nice that it makes more room in our hearts and they catch our gaze and we don’t overlook them.

MT: All in a short little 4 minute documentary.

Watch the Audience FEEDBACK Video of LIKE IN THE MOVIES:

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