Read Audience Transcript of the Short Film F**KING WORLD

  MOVIE POSTERF**KING WORLD, 1min, Italy, Experimental
Directed by William Mussini

Modern man lives his life in just under a minute and thirty seconds. Frustration, joy, and a sense of incompleteness jumping from one emotion to another, from a knowledge gap to a lack filled by media messages.

Read interview with the director William Mussini

F-KING WORLD Played at the WILDsound FEEDBACK Film Festival in January 2016. Here is the transcript of the audience feedback from the festival. Moderated by Matthew Toffolo

F-KING WORLD – Audience Feedback

MT: I think there are 60 shots in this film, there is a shot every second. Anybody want to tell me what this film is about?

Audience 1: I was so confused, but to their credit that was amazing editing and I think by the end of it I got what they were trying to do. My first impression was that this sounds like a writer trying to procrastinate writers block, or dealing with writers block and all the things you think about when you don’t want to do your job. I think everyone’s been there at some point they just condensed it into one minute. I give them kudos for really getting into the mind and the passing thoughts that go through your brain when you’re trying to avoid something. That’s kind of what I thought it was but maybe I’m misreading it.

MT: For me, I think you got it but I think tone-wise they make it work because if it’s longer it’s a little bit wanky because nobody want to hear about a writer’s problem but doing it like that basically makes it cool and interesting.

Audience 2: So I interpreted it as a statement about society. Basically about how we move on very quickly from one thing to another, and another. In particular, sprinkled in there he talks about religion, hope, despair… So, very deep feelings, but they are passed over very quickly and then you have sex and drinking; so a lot of moments, some of which are deep and some that are shallow, mixed in together. It started off with very superficial things like “I put this here, I put this there” and then it moves into deeper feelings and so to me it’s about how a lot of our experiences we just take in and quickly move on to the next. So to me it was about quickly experiencing things and moving on without fully absorbing things.

MT: Totally. With these types of films that are experimental in nature and not a narrative story, if it grabs your attention then whatever is going on in your conscious or subconscious or whatever you are feeling, you are going to grab hold of those emotions as well. It’s a tough film to do but if and when it succeeds it really does.

Audience 3: I was listening to it and it sounded crazy but I loved it. I felt like if I said out loud all of the thoughts that came into my mind as I was scrolling through the thumbnails on the homepage of Instagram, like “bubbles, death, sex, vacation”. I feel like my mind does that sometimes when you’re so overstimulated and there is so much to take in. I just thought I must sound like that inside my own head sometimes.

Watch the Audience FEEDBACK of F**KING WORLD

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