March 20 2016 Writing Festival Event

This week’s screenplay festival is a showcase of the best of 1st Scene Screenplays, TV Sitcom Pilots, and a classic Twilight Zone Fan Fiction screenplay.

Here are the details of the works that will be performed.

#1 – 1st Scene Script – Monster Beneath The Ice

Written by Jerry Kokich

Genre: Action, Adventure, Thriller

Synopsis: A good, old fashioned “B” picture for your first scene enjoyment.

EVGENY and VLADIMIR discuss when the supply plane will arrive. Outside, Evgeny is almost knocked down by a moving ridge in the ice, but Vladimir saves him. The ridge destroys shacks and machinery, and the incoming plane just manages to rescue them.

#2 – 1st Scene Script – The Wedding Thief

Written by Brett Bacon

Genre: Comedy, Crime

Synopsis:  A professional thief pilfers money from the super-rich at weddings until he is caught stealing from the Italian mob and then is forced to take a priceless work of art from the Russian mob or die trying.

#3 – 1st Scene Script – Man Seeking Money

Written by Steve Mikals

Genre: Comedy

Synopsis: Aided by their human friends, chimpanzees with typewriters try to climb the Evolutionary ladder.

 #4 – Short Screenplay – Gary’s Girls

Written by Mckenzie Trent

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Synopsis: A young woman with too many bumps in the road is in the process of giving up on life when an unlikely source, her dad’s new girlfriend and her former high school resident mean girl, pushes her out of her comfort zone.

#5 – Fan Fiction – Twilight Zone “Punchline”

Written by Jaime Medina

Genre: Mystery, Thriller

Synopsis: A failed comedian makes a deal with the Devil to switch places with the Vegas star who stole his act!

#6 – TV Sitcom Pilot – MAILROOMIES

Written by Jacques Edeline

Genre: Comedy

Synopsis: Pilot about a young man (Charlie) who starts at the bottom of the food chain in the Hollywood industry.

#7 – TV Sitcom Pilot – MARRIAGE EQUALITY

Written by Jamie Pierce

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Synopsis: A gay couple deals with two life-changing events on Mother’s Day.



Director/Producer: Matthew Toffolo

Casting Director: Sean Ballantyne

Editor: John Johnson


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