TV Pilot/Spec Screenplay Festival. Deadline March 31st

TV Pilot/Spec Screenplay Festival:

At least 2 winners every single month. Watch recent and past winners:


Recent Testimonials from past writers who submitted to the festival: 

Thank you. This feedback was exactly what I needed to know where I stood. I just wanted to try and convert it into a script, and I will be making the necessary revisions to it.
– Melissa R. Mendelson, TV Spec Screenplay

Probably the best and most informative feedback I have ever gotten for this! Thank you so much:) I’ve been trying to figure out what isn’t quite right with the script – the notes make complete sense! Thank you again, now I know what to do to tighten it up:):)
– Tania Penn, TV Pilot

Thank you so much for reading my script and for your feedback. This is very valuable information and I would love to rewrite and resubmit.
– Zubaira Ahmed, TV PILOT

Thanks so much for responding with such detailed, articulate, and useful feedback. It’s greatly appreciated! The commentary is both resonant and practical.
– Eli Edelson, TV Spec Screenplay (Hannibal)

I appreciate you taking the time to give me a good insight into the next steps and tweaking I need to work on.
– Lois Terrans, TV Spec Screenplay (Supernatural)

Thank you for the helpful feedback! I’m sure my script will be stronger after revising!
– Victor Obi, TV Pilot (The Guardian)

Thanks for the feedback! Very helpful advice for my next draft.
– Ryan Feldman, Girls, TV Spec Screenplay

Thanks to you and your team for such excellent and detailed feedback. It’s clear that those reviewing the script have put a great deal of time and effort into breaking it down and assessing it professionally – and we’re very grateful. We particularly appreciate the fact that both the strengths and the weaknesses have been highlighted, so we can see what we’re doing right, as well as which elements need work.
– Sara Myles, TV Pilot (May Contain Nuts)

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