Child of midnight, Poetry by Anthony Silva

Genre: Dark poetry

Child of midnight by Anthony Silva 

“I am a child of midnight.
A zealous priest of black.
The shadow of necessity.
Sustaining light by contrast.
The night’s keeper,
who releases the praised day.
I am the downpour,
that allows the intangible rainbow.
The hidden weakness of pride,
found in all men’s hearts.
The indifferent ear given,
to the evil you speak in solitude.
I am the restless fear,
in all of your secrets revealed.
My lying tongue,
gives truth to your love’s lips.
I am the selfish freedom,
had in all your regretful nights.
The saddest story,
you learn absolutely nothing from.

That is why.
I am hated.

That is why.
I am cursed.

But…I am a child of midnight,
and victory I find in my dark purpose.”




    * * * * *

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