Read Interviews with Film Festivals from all over the world:

Read interviews with Film Festival directors from all over the word:

Interview with Festival Director Danny MAlin (YES! Let’s make a Movie Film Festival)

This festival aims to bring together all corners of the globe to share passion of filmmakers.

Interview with Festival Director Jon Mercurio Knight (Wasteland Film Festival)

The Wasteland Film Festival is entering its fifth year and only growing bigger. The highlight short films with especially post-apocalyptic subject matter and, in addition, alternative films displaying a certain character right at home in the post nuke society. Films meeting certain criteria will be screened as part of the competition, others will simply be for exhibition.

Interview with Festival Director Moosa Saleem (Access Code Short Film Festival)

After amazing 8 editions, we are here again. It’s a festival where 200 movies are played, more than any of the festival in the world. Almost every film that enters the festival will be screened at the festival, no matter how many days the festival runs.

Interview with Festival Director Michael Harrington (Wandering Reel Traveling Film Festival)

Wandering Reel is a traveling short film festival with a focus on bringing meaningful films to communities with limited or no access to compassionate, thought-provoking cinema. We strive to engage our audiences in deeper conversation about the role of cinema, and how films can relate to community, conscious living, and contribute to making the world a stronger and more unified place.

Interview with Festival Director Anamika Raj (GardenCity Film Festival)

GardenCity Film Festival is one of the most appreciated in the country by several critics. It’s main focus is student and female filmmakers from around the world. We are happy to introduce the local audience to a range of most recent, cinematically daring and powerful filmmaking from around the globe. We want to be a festival that touches and teaches the audience, a festival that will drive creators to produce meaningful films, a festival that drives audiences from all walks of life and makes the week-end a deep experience that becomes a long lasting tradition.

Interview with Festival Director Craig Higgins (Norwich Film Festival)

The Norwich Film Festival is now preparing for it’s sixth year (2016). They have an amazing array of celebrity patrons and judges (including Bernard Hill, Tim McInnerny, Olivia Colman and Martin Walsh) who are all eager to watch your films and read your screenplays. The people of Norwich are also committed to supporting artists of all media and have been wonderful throughout our four previous years, turning up in their droves to see the best the festival has to offer.

Interview with Festival Director Elena Ringo (Vienna Independent Film Festival)

VIFF Vienna Independent Film Festival invites filmmakers from all over the world to submit their films to their international film festival which takes place in Vienna.  The goal of our festival is to find new talented filmmakers who will be able to approach the heights of cinematography created by geniuses like Antonioni, Fellini, Tarkovsky, Bergman, Visconti, Godard. Now, when the whole world has a tendency towards commercialization, they appreciate free spirit, new ideas an independent point of view and new approaches. Not the budget of the film but solely talent should be the criteria for the film’s success.

Interview with Festival Director Joseph Hardin (HorrorQuest Film Festival)

HorrorQuest Film Festival is the worlds only 100% free Horror film festival. Held each year at Cinefest Film Theatre, located on the Georgia State University campus, HorrorQuest has no set submission fee. All HorrorQuest screenings and events are free and open to the public on a first come, first served, basis.

Interview with Festival Director Julio Rodríguez Caloggero (International Film Festival / Short Tapiales)

The International Film Festival / Short Tapiales is a film event of important social and cultural impact nonprofit, organized by JC Films OFCT, held in the village of Tapiales, a town belonging to the party of La Matanza, located in the Buenos Aires province. Tapiales Film / Short is also a competitive contest where the selected short films that later received the prize Aborigine according to the ruling of the honorable members of the jury are projected. The event is held under the premise of extolling the popular, free and outdoors, summoning an amount of 3,000 spectators per issue over three days.

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