Best of Interviews from Award Winning Short Filmmakers

Interviews conducted by Matthew Toffolo at

Interview with Filmmaker Veronique Vanblaere (BOTTOMLESS)

I got to be a fly on the wall. Seeing and hearing people talking about my film while I could not be there was not only a “voyeuristic” treat, but provided fantastic constructive feedback on my work. I do not know of a festival that provides this type of experience for their filmmakers.

Interview with Filmmaker Oscar Lewis (1916)

I was very touched. I’m not sure how to properly express this, but what I appreciated above all else is the fact that it was understood – I mean really understood – more so than anything anyone had said about it before or since. I made this film because I wanted to explain how you often don’t realise when something life changing is happening. And that memory is fragmented and imperfect like a ‘bad flick book’. I thought that was a very good observation. The fact that people openly said they were moved by this film really meant a lot, I don’t have any affiliation with WWI (obviously), but I know what it’s like to feel loss as a child. The farewell which you never dreamt meant goodbye.

Interview with Filmmaker Alex Giannoulis (LUCY)

I never hide my feelings so I ll be blunt: I was very happy to see both how the people were moved and most importantly that they all got the main idea of the film, however, each one of them from his own point of view. Having many points of view means the film is multidimensional and this is the best reward for us. This was an overall very interesting experience.

Interview with Filmmaker Jane Eakin (101 CUPCAKES)

I was pleased that audience members followed the story and were able to relate it to their own experiences. It was also good to hear areas that could be improved.

Interview with Filmmaker Jonathan Brooks (GHOSTBOY)

It was great to see an audience from a different country express their opinions on Ghostboy, they understood the theme and metaphor behind the characters well.

Interview with Filmmaker Pepijn Claus (INSIDE)

It made me feel proud of myself. I was smiling during the whole video. It was great to see that everyone was so positive!

Great feedback! Thank you!

Interview with Filmmaker Emeline Castaneda (KADDISH!)

I was really moved to watch people from the other side of the world talking about my film and about how much they enjoyed watching it. You know that your film is being watched somewhere, but it is something else to actually see the audience and hear their comment. It really felt magical.

Interview with director Tim Butcher (CLEAN BREAK)

It’s always challenging hearing audience feedback, but I’m probably less neurotic about this these days than I have been in the past. I appreciated the kind words and found the process useful.

Interview with director Eric Romero (Native Immigration)

It was great to see some audience reacting to the film, because so far the film has been screened in fourteen festivals and I haven’t been able to assist to any of them. I appreciate all the compliments to the film and I embrace all the critics as well, so I can keep improving as a director/writer.








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