The Coldest Winter, Poetry by M.S The Secret…



Genre: Life, Society

The Coldest Winter 
Here comes more snow and its holding at 3 degrees below 0.
No heat, no food, not even a drink.
It’s hard trying to survive living on these cold ass streets.
To strange to believe, I never dreamed this would be the life I would lead.
No one knows who I am.
Their eyes just see another needy, homeless man.
My dreams have long faded away.
Now I struggle to survive on these streets day after day.
I can’t even pray.
I don’t know what to say.
I guess GOD knows I live this way.
I often ask myself how I turned out this way.
Some would be quick to say it’s my lazy trifling ways.
Some would say it’s all of my drinking drugging days.
If I could I would ask GOD will I die this way or is it in His grace for me to change.
Once thought of as a rising shining star, but today I’m eating out of trash cans sleeping in abandon cars.
Remember when you pass my way and mutter under your breath and say don’t give him any money today.
He is homeless and he chose to be that way.
This could be you!
We are all one pay check away from the coldest winter.
by M.S The Secret…
    * * * * *

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